SuperC Bottle System - 8501 - Bottle 8521 - Pouch

SuperC Bottle System - 8501 - Bottle 8521 - Pouch - Dosing

Height: 340mm, Width: 170mm, Depth: 150mm
Capacity N/a
Carton Quantity 12
  • 3 versions: spray bottle, sink and bucket
  • Simple push operation, with optional safety features 
  • Adjustable dosage between 5ml and 20ml 
  • Lock-in cabinet for both pouch and bottle 
  • Installed within minutes 
  • Branding available
Product Description

The SuperC is a manual dilution system designed for the professional hygiene industry. The SuperC dilutes highly concentrated cleaning chemicals into a sink, a bucket or a spray bottle. It is used with a multitude of chemicals such as surface cleaners, washing up detergent, air fresheners, or floor maintainers. 
Chemicals are accurately diluted at point of use, providing an economic, safe and reliable solution for managing chemical usage. You can choose to dilute from either a 2L container or a 1.5L pouch to suit your stock and distribution. 
The raw materials are kept safely locked away inside the SuperC, eradicating the risk of direct contact between untrained staff and chemicals. It also functions with an initiation feature, which limits the use of the system to the trained cleaning staff only. Once initiated you simply pull the lever up and down to obtain the shot of chemical. 
Once used, the dispenser cannot function again for a delay of 15 seconds, until the green indicator returns. This avoids harmful and expensive over-dosing. 
Delivering a precise dosage of chemical, the SuperC is an effective dilution system which meets your hygiene requirements in a safe, cost-efficient and ecological way. 

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