ECOMIX - HIGH FLOW 14L/min White/Grey - Dilution

Height: 350mm, Width: 92mm, Depth: 95mm
Capacity N/a
Carton Quantity 12
  • 2 versions: Low-flow (4L/min) and High-flow (14L/min)
  • Simple push operation, with optional lock-on facility for the filling of larger receptacles (click for image)
  • User-friendly dilution ring to set required dilution (click for image)
  • Ultimate flexibility: water and chemical inlets can be fitted either side of the unit (click for image)
  • Suction from any size container. Hanging bracket and cabinet available (click for image)
  • 1 unique lock-in cabinet for 1.5L pouch &  2L bottle (click for image)
  • Unit and cabinet rings available in various colours (click for image)
  • Installed within minutes (click for image)
  • Branding available (click for image)
Product Description

A proportioner that provides an economical and flexible way of diluting chemicals on-site. Suitable for high flow (bucket) and low flow (bottle) applications, these proportioners are connected to a water mains and dilute a pre-determined ratio of chemical concentrates into a ready-to-use solution. 
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